Kau Kau Kitchen
by Leilehua Yuen

Celebrating Hawai`i Foods and Lifestyles
for over 30 Years

Hānau `Okakopa 1983

Kau kau (pronounced "cow cow") means "food," or "meal" in Hawaiian pidgin. It also means "to eat," as in "let's go kau kau" - "let's go eat." The Kau Kau Kitchen™ cooking column and books have been popular in Hawai`i since the first column appeared in the Hawai`i Tribune Herald in 1983. Though it no longer appears in print media, Leilehua still receives requests for Kau Kau Kitchen™ books and other products. She is planning to bring back the entire line of Kau Kau Kitchen™ products. Bookmark and return to this site for updates!

Table of Contents
Recipe Index
Hawaiian Foods
Local Foods
Special Occasions

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Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!

It's a brand new year, and at Kau Kau Kitchen™ we are celebrating by "cleaning house," updating the website, tossing out pages which are no longer relevant, changing the CSS to work with all the newfangled modern devices, and adding links to some of the amazing new food sites and blogs. It will take a while to get all of the pages updated (there are a LOT of pages!), so please keep checking back.

Kau Kau Kitchen™ will no longer focus on new recipes and techniques. There are so many really great cooks and chefs coming up with innovative ideas that we will focus on documenting and sharing the older "local kine" recipes, kitchen tips, and lore of earlier days.


It's a new year, and Leilehua is going for a new life! She will be 60 this year, and has made the decision to reclaim her health!
Follow her journey toward health at her page in the health section of Kau Kau Kitchen. She'll be uploading her progress, tips and tricks, recipes, exercises, videos, and whatever else she finds helpful along the way. 

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