Kau Kau Kitchen
by Leilehua Yuen

Traditional Hawaiian Food

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Damon Tucker and Rocky Mountain Oysters

Game and Fowl

Many kinds of birds were eaten in ancient Hawaiʻi. They were harvested with traps, snares, nets, by hand, and by collecting at night. The moa (ancestor of the modern chicken) might be encouraged to live near human habitations by spreading food out for them. But, generally, birds were not reared for food.

After the first few hundred years when some birds went extinct due to overharvesting, the taking of birds was carefully managed with kapu seasons and harvesting protocols.

Today, due to habitat loss, introduced diseases, and predation by cats, rats, and mongooses, many of our native birds are rare, endangered, or extinct.

Protection of our shorelines, plains, and forests is critical to restore and maintain the health of the remaining populations.

The traditional recipies also work quite well for domestic fowl and introduced game birds, so they will soon be offered here. Keep checking back!