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Hoʻoikaika ke Kino! Let's make the body strong!

-Editorial by Leilehua Yuen

A few years ago, my back was in such severe pain that I could barely walk. I could not even stand up straight. Arthritis in my spine, which had been diagnosed in the early 1990s. Doctors said that without fusing my spine, which would end my dance career, the pain would only worsen. I was actually contemplating suicide.

Then, a friend facilitated my attending a summer seminar at the School of the Natural Order. There, I met such amazing, vital, loving, healthy people! One of them was a yoga instructor - in her 80s! She taught me some basic moves, some breathing, and some meditation which I have incorporated into my hula practice. Now, despite the arthritis, I have regained so much flexibility that I can again dance a full show! I wish I had video taped her then. But, since I did not, I found these amazing, inspirational people. They are not professionals, they are just everyday people who inspire me.

These moves are similar to what I learned at the School of the Natural Order.

Great routine if you have balance issues!

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