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December 15 - Six Pounds in Two Days!?

-by Leilehua Yuen

Today's goal is to take 13,000 steps. Check my numbers at the bottom to see why!


I'm now down from 189.4 pounds on the 14th to 183 pounds. That's a 6-1/2 pound drop in two days!

Well, as fantastic as that may sound, it is not a sustainable weight loss. And it's not even "real." There has not been enough time for me to convert any of my excess fat. So, when this drop levels out, I will NOT be disappointed, or think my healthy lifestyle is not working.

What IS going on is that:
1) I am emptying out my naʻau (gut), and not replacing the excess food I was eating. So, since there is less stuff in my gut, I weigh less.
2) I  increased my water consumptopm. So, I am going mimi (urinating) a lot, getting rid of excess salts and fluids in my body, so that contributes to weight loss, as well.

Once that process is pau (finished), The rapid losses will cease, and the future losses will be through fat conversion.

Morning Wobblies

I also want to point out how low my momona koko (blood sugar) was this morning. That's a bit low. I awoke hungry and nauseated. So, although I am now a tūtū (grandparent), I am going to use a trick from my mommy days - I'm going to start keeping a small snack on my nightstand. I really like the Nature's Bakery Fig Bars, so when I go to bed, I will take a packet with me for the morning.

Now, they are not really as healthy as they look - those little puppies are 110 calories each! (No, not each packet - that's 220 calories per packet). And there is not much nutrition in them, they are basically fiber and sugar, with some salt. But nibbling one will get my BG back up to a functional, non-wobbly level. They also have a vegan version.

Mimi Stinks

I know my body is getting ready to shed the weight, because my mimi (urine) smells STRONG! WOW! Losing weight can be dehydrating, so the first thing that smell tells me is to drink more water.

But, the scent is not just strong. It has a specific scent that I identify with starting to burn fat. About 40% of the population can smell these chemicals, so if you don't smell the change, don't worry.

Also, keep a "nose" out for other changes in the smell. That hot sweaty environment, plus small abrasions from chafing while working out can create an environment for urinary tract infections to grow. They also can make mimi smell strong. If you notice an ammonia smell, or a foul or slightly-sweet scent, that is often the first indication that you have a UTI. The bacteria causing the infection produce the odor, and can make your urine appear cloudy or bloody. And, if you have that gotta-pee-but-nothing-is-coming out burning sensation, according to the Office on Women's Health, hie thee to a doctor! 

AM Numbers
Blood Pressure - 145/95up
Blood Glucose - 83
Weight - 183 pounds
Yesterday's Steps - 12,579 / 4.5 miles

Ok, so with yesterday's increased steps, my blood pressure this morning was a bit lower than yesterday. Yay me! If I can keep my exercise/walking up, my big prize is I can stay off blood pressure meds and insulin!

PM Numbers


Using Apps

I use the Pacer app to keep track and motivate me. It's really quite accurate, and has a number of different exercise routines and challenges to spice things up and keep you motivated.

I also use the iHealth app, which is pretty complicated for me, but fortunately there are some good resources for learning to maximize its usefulness.

AND, I use the NPR 1 app a lot! While I walk, I can listen to local, national, and global news, and my favorite podcasts.

I even use my phone for a phone, and call my Mama and other people I want to stay in touch with! This is a great way to do my walking.

Resource Links

iHealth app gives you multifunction health tracking

Pacer pedometer app tracks your steps, blood pressure, etc.

Examine your urine to track health