Kau Kau Kitchen
by Leilehua Yuen

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It's Your Kitchen

Manu and I are taking over a decade to remodel our kitchen. And that's ok. We learned a lot, and we are making it how we want it. The biggest lesson learned is, it's OUR kitchen! If you have a vision for your kitchen, don't let anyone talk you out of it!

I was flabbergasted at how difficult just getting the faucet I wanted installed. The plumber was insistant that I get one of those low old-fashioned sink faucets, and not install a sprayer. He also was adamant that on-demand water heaters are awful.

Well, I stuck to my guns, and am delighted that I insisted on a bar-style faucet, and included the sprayer! Now, twelve years later, I see that a similar style is now marketed for kitchens!

I'm also delighted with my Bosch PowerStar undersink tankless (on-demand) water heater. I bought one size bigger than I thought I would need, and it is perfect. Although it costs a bit more to buy small units for each sink, not having to heat a long run of pipe saves money over the long term, AND, when it finally does need replacing, you only need to replace one heater at a time for a couple of hundred dollars, not the $1500 unit that it would cost for our whole house. It also means that if one unit dies, you still have hot water at the other sinks! The only place we have a large unit is for the main bath room.

Another big thing for me was to redesign our storage so that shelves are spaced to accommodate what I actually own, not what a contractor things I should own. And, at 5 foot 2-and-a-smidge inches, I can reach the things I need. My husband is 5'6", and gets to use the high shelves.