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Fiscal Health

-Editorial by Leilehua Yuen

Fiscal health shold be as much a concern as physical health. Money isn't everything, but having enough of it certainly makes it easier to get what you need. Sufficient money allows us access to good health care, healthful food, safe new tires for our cars, clean homes without mold and mildew, and many other things essential to a healthy life.

In this section, we'll explore some ideas about that. I'm no financial expert, but I do come across resources that are quite useful. If they work for me, they'll probably work for you, too.

I know, I know, it is a LOT of WORK to save money! With everything we have to do every day, how can we find the time to do that, too? I get it! It IS a lot of work! But many of us have managed to suck it up and take on a second job. It helps me to think of saving money as a second job.

Yes, it takes time to make your own coffee and put in in a travel cup, keep track of the cup, wash it, and make fresh coffee again the next morning. BUT, at the price of a cup of coffee from a coffee shop, you could be "earning" yourself around $20 an hour by making your own!

When one of my hānai daughters was living with me, she saw a stack of Starbucks coffee cups on the counter. She thought it was mine, hers, and a guests. I had to tell her, "No, those are all yours!" At $4 per cup, that week she had spent almost $50 on coffee that week. That is $200 per month for coffee! Almost $2,500 per year!


The Money Coach, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox - When I first met my husband, Manu, he was working as a financial counselor. That's different from a financial consultant who tells you where to invest. his job was, basically, to teach young Marines how to budget. He gifted me an audit of my business and found places where I was bleeding money. Then he suggested I start following Lynette. She's one of my sheros! When she contacted me about an article she was writing, I was sooo excited! Anyway, take a look at her blog, and check out her videos, too!

The Penny Hoarder is another great site. It has lots of tips on earning money, saving money, and NOT LOSING money!

Some basic information on managing money

50 Tips for saving money

I'll be adding more information, and some things that are more specific to our unique island economy, so please keep checking back! And, if you "like" our facebook page, you'll know when weput up new information!