Kau Kau Kitchen
by Leilehua Yuen

Recipes - Mea ʻOno

Table of Contents
Recipe Index
Hawaiian Foods
Local Foods
Special Occasions

In This Section

*Bread Pudding
*Mountain Apple Upside Down Cake

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This book is by Leilehua's Mama - not only a great way to make box cakes super tasty, but it's an excellent way for a new cook to learn the basics of baking.






































My daughter, Jessica, is a wonderful writer, but has decided that she would rather not take her skill in a professional direction. Instead, she saves her writing for making delightful observations to her friends. I have decided to cull her social media pages and harvest her witticisms and share them in my own websites.

Why do I do this to myself? Despite knowing better, I needlessly return to a toxic situation, knowing the inner turmoil that will result. The waning moments of pleasure give way to the stomach churning pangs of regret no sooner than the sweetness has left my tongue. Chance after chance I give, and my reward is nothing but the scent on my clothes, and the swelling of my thighs. I am better than this madness. It wasn't even good cake anyway. ~Jessica

Ah, let us be sure to make delectible cakes so that at least we will have the joy of good cake, anyway!

Let's start with a Mountain Apple Upside Down Cake.


This is an updated version of a Bread Pudding my Nana used to make.