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     Kau kau, pronounced "cow cow," means "food," or "meal" in Hawaiian pidgin. It is also used to mean "to eat," as in "let's go kau kau" - "let's go eat." The Kau Kau Kitchen cooking column and books have been popular in Hawai`i since the first column appeared in the Hawai`i Tribune Herald in 1983. Though it no longer appears in print media, Leilehua still receives requests for Kau Kau Kitchen books and other products. She is planning to bring back the entire line of Kau Kau Kitchen products. Bookmark and return to this site for updates!

Kitchen Clippings
 - Archive of News Briefs about food, home, and health in Hawai`i

Hilo Macaroni Factory Closing - The manufactuers of the Big Island's beloved comfort food, Hilo Saloon Pilot Crackers, is closing this month.
Story in the Honolulu Star Bulletin http://starbulletin.com/2003/06/19/news/index2.html
Story in the Hawai`i Tribune Herald
Background story on Saloon Pilot Crackers

Veggieburgers go Big Time at Mr. Goodburgers - Honolulu's Mr. Goodburgers starts franchising,in July, with the first Mainland store opening in Missoula, Montana. The owners expect to see 100 new franchises within a year.

Hawai`i County preparing to impose state's toughest smoking laws - Legislators on the Big Island have decided it should be illegal to ligt up in restaurants, bars, and all other enclosed public places.


Talking story about stuffs

Pedestrian Safety: http://www.drdriving.org/pedestrians/

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Hue wai, a water gourd of the type used inside a home. notice the shell stopper.  

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