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Kau Kau Kitchen

     Some fun products, old and new, which readers of Kau Kau Kitchen might enjoy. Please keep checking back, as more stuff will be added.

Demonstrating the use of a stone saw while crafting a traditional Hawaiian `umeke, or gourd bowl.


Kau Kau Kitchen - Press Pacifica published a collection of the first year's worth of Kau Kau Kitchen recipes. Click on title to order.

The Banana Book - A heck of a lot of ways to prepare bananas, published by Petroglyph Press. Click on title to order.

     When ordering older products, you'll notice a discrepancy in names. Dana Black was my married name back in the 70s and 80s. Divorce happens. Fortunately, I have finally (well, he found me) found the right one, but I am keeping my maiden name this time around! 

Clothing and Housewares

Hand Painted Denim Clothing - I collect and recycle denim, diligently searching thrift stores and friends' closets for pieces that "speak" to me - that say, "I am your next canvas!" But, I can only wear so much denim. These pieces all are hand-painted with original designs.

Kau Kau Kitchen Printed T-Shirts, Pullovers, Etc - I also publish my artwork on t-shirts and other products through Cafe Press. The Kau Kau Kitchen line focuses on food and fun.

Hawaiian Greeting Cards for All Occasions - In 1994 I started a line of Hawaiian Language greeting cards. At the time, I hand painted and hand-screened each and every one of them. They retailed for $2 - $6 each in fine art stores on the islands of Hawai`i and Maui. Thank heavens for modern technology! Now, I am putting the designs on-line, where you can by them at a MUCH lower cost - Just a few of my cards are up right now, but I am adding more as I scan them and re-format them for the new technology! 

Wrench Wench T-Shirts and More - Features my line of lady motorcyclist art.   


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Useful Decor

`Umeke - a bowl made from a Hawaiian gourd. Order with or without carrying net, with or without lid. As each one is individually hand crafted, prices vary considerable, so e-mail Leilehua by clicking on `umeke and telling her what you are looking for.

More traditional Arts of Hawai`i