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Kau Kau Kitchen
by Leilehua Yuen

     Kau kau, pronounced "cow cow," means "food," or "meal" in Hawaiian pidgin. It is also used to mean "to eat," as in "let's go kau kau" - "let's go eat."  You'll seldom find "Pacific Rim Cuisine" here - mostly just good home-cookin', island style.


Leilehua preparing to bake kalo during a class on Hawaiian food.
     Here on Moku Hawai`i, mouflan sheep are a popular game animal. Here is my favorite recipe:

Chutney Mouflan

Leg (or other piece of Mouflan)
2 cups orange juice with 2 cups water
1 bulb Garlic

     Put the meat in a large roasting dish.  Pierce it all over and insert peeled cloves of the garlic. Rub with a little salt. Add the orange juice/water mix. Roast the leg tightly covered at 250 degrees for about three hours or until meat is tender. You are really simmering it in the orange juice. Remove the lid and let the juice cook down to about 1/4 the original volume. Rub the leg with chutney and return to the oven to brown off. Let the meat set for about 15 minutes to firm up and re-absorb the juices before carving.


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